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Yay!,Wiskey and Rolaids. (2007)

A 30 min voiage threw my head.

Fakin Bacon (2008)

The Down Side (2010)

Songs From Febuary 2010. Thank you Katlyn(the love of my life)

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Synthetic Prosthetic


Synthetic Prosthetic is my solo music project,i am a 23 year old Multy talented "troubled" musican who has been writing music for many years. i belive i started recording when i was 6 years old, but that music is long gone now witch is to bad. any ways hope you enjoy my tunes. Theres lots more to come in the future synpro ;)

Colin Bartram-all instruments and enginering Guest apperance from Luke Heal on track 7



Completed Albums

Yay!,Wiskey and Rolaids.(2007)

A 30 min voiage threw my head.

U cant stop it
Till the sun comes round agian
6 Oclock Train
What happened to U
Afternoon show
Under the sun
If i could be ok
Now thats its over?

Fakin Bacon(2008)

Can't Win
For You
Leave us Alone
Change Me
Solid Ground
Sunny Ave.
Life Just Isn't
Fat People are Hard to Kidnap

The Down Side(2010)

Songs From Febuary 2010. Thank you Katlyn(the love of my life)

Syn   (preferred)   Download
Einstein En Mis Pantalones   Download
Sixteen   Download
Whatever   Download
Self-Centered   Download
Your Highway
Signals From You   Download
The Downside   Download
The Rain Song   Download
Older Tragedies   Download